Tuesday, February 26, 2013

School's In Session!

When I have the chance to read, I do. 

I will begin classes through eCornell in Plant-Based Nutrition tomorrow!

I'm both excited and nervous!

I have a toddler at home, she's nearly 2, so time is a blessing around the house. I surely hope I can muster up enough of it for my studies.

It's been several years since I was behind a desk, so to speak. I graduated from Culinary school in 2008. Seems so long ago now. Before that I was at the University of Arizona and graduated in 2002. I suppose I just keep going back.

I love school, actually. No matter the challenge I am drawn towards learning. This time I will learn something I've grown passionate about over this past year. Plant-based nutrition is my life style, my way of thinking, way of eating and way of staying healthy. I want to share that with others. Are you ready? I surely am!

I will blog to tell you how it goes as time permits. I'm so excited to share the wealth of knowledge.

Wish me luck!