Helpful Resources

I've compiled a list of helpful websites and resources.  These are some of the websites I frequent often for all sorts of great finds.

Mel Mason, Holistic Nutritional Coach in Arizona. Her website gives great information on what she can help you with, she's truly amazing! From Here To Whole, check it out, even if you live outside of Arizona.

Dreena Burton, author of my favorite vegan cookbook (as well as others, I can't wait to try!), is inspiration in my world. Her book kept me sane as I transitioned to being vegan. As someone who does not want to rely on fake meats and processed items I wasn't sure what I'd do. Until I was introduced to Let Them Eat Vegan! It's all I wanted in just one place. Great recipes! Check out her website Plant Powered Kitchen

Janea Wise is a mom who knows the value of a plant based kitchen! She has healthy happy children and she herself is amazing! She has been a great resource for me in this new life. She has great health, fitness, and moma tips! Check out her website, Bring Joy

Susan, The Fat Free Vegan, has amazing recipes! They are easy and so darn tasty! Check out her website if you're looking for great easy to prepare recipes for the whole family! Fat Free Vegan (her blog has a link on that page!)

Looking for other vegan bloggers? Check out a great resource with awesome guest bloggers, Vegan Bloggers Unite! A couple of my blogs have been featured on this site. It's great to check on this one frequently for new ideas, recipes, just great things. 

I will continue to add to this list as I'm sure to find other great resources! 


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