Tuesday, September 25, 2012

My new venture. Am I crazy?

These past two Mondays I've taken the day to cook for the entire week. I shop, cook, freeze, refrigerate, and clean. All in about 6-7 hours.

Why am I doing this? Well, I'm testing. Testing recipes I like, those I want to share with others to see how the will freeze, re-heat, and taste after being frozen.

I'm testing so I can cook in other peoples homes.

Wow! Am I crazy??

It's possible.  After a day of cooking my back hurts, my feet hurt, and I'm exhausted. But, let me tell you the most important part! I get to spend more time with the family this whole week because all I have to do is re-heat dinner!!!

After speaking to some personal chef friends of mine I realized there are organizations out there that can supply already tested recipes. Those that work well after being frozen. But, seeing as I'm a plant-based personal chef (aspiring actually) there are not many tested recipes. The hard part is testing them all myself. I will be at it another few weeks and then I can begin working for others.

I save time all week by not cooking. Wouldn't you want to save some time too? Okay, no I just sound like an advertisement.

There is so much more to go into a personal chef endeavor than I ever thought. I'm up for the challenge. Bringing plant based health to others is, well, a like a dream.

Yesterday, I listened to music all day and cooked and cooked and cooked. It was a lovely day! Tonight I will prepare my food in under 15 minutes. This means that swim class for the little one won't feel rushed and I get to sit and ask the hubby how his day went.

Last night's dinner was a simple Mediterranean Quinoa Salad with Stir-fried Portobellos, Red Bell Peppers and Asparagus. I topped the salad with baby kale. Delish!

How do you speed along dinner?
Do you ever cook for a week in one day?
How bout just prepare certain items for the week?

Anything to make life easier.

Cheers and happy eating!

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  1. This sounds like an inspiring journey! Since I work full time, have a first-grader and a three-year-old I am struggling with this too. I also struggle with which things to put together to have a well-rounded happy meal for my family quickly.