Friday, January 11, 2013

Just because you're vegan does not mean you're healthy!

A year ago I wasn't sure what I was doing. I stopped eating meat! I didn't know what to eat. I was raising a young baby, not yet 1 and wasn't getting much sleep. It all seemed so overwhelming really.

I made a huge decision. One that has changed the course of my life. I decided to better my health and that of my family I would need to make a drastic change in the kitchen! It's not that we were all that unhealthy I suppose it's just that I certainly wasn't doing any good for my high cholesterol and for my families well being.

Just because you're vegan does not mean you're healthy.

That's been with me since day one. I could have easily chosen processed fake meats, processed drinks, processed foods. But, I chose the opposite and I'm all the happier and healthier for it.

How did I transition?

Well, we started out thinking we'd eat up all the meat we had in the freezer but in fact we gave it all to our neighbor. I went with what I knew I liked. The vegetables I knew we liked and knew how to cook. I asked my health coach to teach me some things about tofu and I did a lot of research online. I wanted to ensure I was getting all the nutrients I needed and to do this I needed to research!

How to be a healthy vegan?

Some things I go with on a daily basis are as follows:
1) Steer clear of as many processed items as you can, including beverages. They are often high in sugar, fat, salt, and chemicals
2) Eat the rainbow! Variety is key. The more colors you eat in veggies the more nutrients you will get. Vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, etc.
3) Don't beat yourself up. No one is perfect. If you want that high sugar candy bar once in awhile then have it. It's not going to be the end of the world.
4) Don't fret so much in regards to protein. You will get enough. Eat your vegetables, grains and beans. You're good. Fiber is much more important! Eat your fiber!!
5) Eat fiber. No really, just do it.
6) Eat a lot. I eat every few hours. Helps with metabolism and keeps my meals small. I love to snack!
7) Keep fresh snacks on hand all the time. Carry with you everywhere. Veggies, fruit, nuts (I have a handful a day), seeds (pumpkin seeds are very beneficial), and popcorn are some of my favorite snacks.
8) Prepare. Make a menu for the week. Shop for just your menu. Eat what you plan. Saves you money and time.
9) Enjoy your food!!

I've mentioned this before but I'll do it again. One of my favorite cookbooks is one that uses little processed foods and no fake meats. Dreena Burton's Let Them Eat Vegan. It's a great starter book! Everyday Happy Herbivore by Lindsey Nixon is another great one.

Today, I'm amazed at the progress I've made. I feel healthier. I feel lighter. I feel like I have more energy. I just feel good.

I signed up for a certification course in Plant-Based Nutrition through Cornell. I can't believe I've made it this far. To the point of wanting, craving, more. More knowledge to be able to share with everyone. My number one purpose is to spread health to your house. I'm so very excited for the prospects of this year.

If you have any questions just let me know. I'd love to chat with you. It's been an eye opening year and I'm ready for this year and what it has to offer.

Cheers and happy eating!


  1. I can't believe you're not getting any comments! I've just found your blog by way of another blog (as one does!) and find that this post sums me up completely. I've given up meat, just can't face it and looking online for help with my diet. I crave pure foods, not manufactured in any way; I have weight I could happily lose but more importantly I want to improve my health (and cut out some medication if possible). Thanks to a few really good blogs I am eating very well now and feeling healthier (though that might be wishful thinking as it's only a recent change!)
    Please continue to blog and don't be put off by the lack of comments; I'm sure many people are regularly reading and being helped by your writing.
    I look forward to more posts and I intend to read through from the start of your blog in 2012.

  2. Thank you, Rambler for your kind words. A plant-based diet, in my opinion, is a life saver. Not only will you shed a few pounds but you'll feel great and will end up healthier for it! I've been vegan for a year now and I wouldn't turn back. I love it! Good luck with it all and feel free to ask questions.