Monday, June 4, 2012

Menu for this week June 3-June9

I wrote up my menu last Thursday, quickly, as I was busy busy doing so many other things. I never did get a chance to post this weeks menu. 

Sunday Morning I looked down at my menu and realized in my hurried writing I never picked something for Sunday night dinner!

Before I get to the menu I'd like to tell you about Sunday dinner. The hubby looked through a new (to me!) book I just got from our local used bookstore, Quick and Easy Vegan Comfort Food.  He picked out Orange Chk'n because the BK (Bonus Kid for all those who are new readers) loves Orange Chicken. This being a vegan version using tofu we thought it would be a big hit.  It was dinner FAIL. Almost! It gives two options for the tofu. Deep fried or baked. Seeing as we don't eat fried food and therefore do not have  a fryer I baked it in the oven. I've done this plenty of times before. But, this recipe calls for a spray of canola oil on the tofu. First sign, but I'm one to follow the recipe as is the first time.  The second sign I was that made me question this recipe was the amount of sugar it called for, 1/2 cup! And the amount of vinegar. Not only did the recipe call for rice vinegar but it called for white vinegar as well, with only a little orange juice.  I made the sauce anyway. While making the sauce I made some rice, fresh green beans and soycatash from Trader Joe's. I also made a side of rainbow quinoa. We had my MIL and FIL over for dinner and I wanted to be sure we had enough food. 

As the I cooked the sauce I got everything else going. I did not have white sugar, as a I rarely do so I used raw and I made fresh squeezed orange juice, perhaps these were the downfalls.  When I tasted the sauce I nearly choked! It had WAY TOO much vinegar! It was pure vinegar, no orange flavor! I tried added more sugar which did not help at all. I had no more oranges so I couldn't add that. Needless to say the sauce was ruined! It was bad! Luckily, and this is how dinner was somewhat saved, we have a Chinese Restaurant close enough to walk to who sold us Orange Chicken Sauce.  Thank you! 

But in all that wait, the tofu became VERY crispy. Even with the sauce dinner was a crispy tofu dinner fiasco. But, it was edible. The veggies were great as were the rice and quinoa.  We don't have left overs today, so that's a good sign, right?  I gave the link to this book, my Amazon page, if you'd like to check it out anyway. I may give it another try but I find the recipes far too simple for my taste. I know how to make a dinner salad, I'm not in need of a recipe.  But, it did get some good reviews so I leave it to the individual.  Oh dinner, how could you be a disaster? I should have gone with my instincts on this one!

So, on to the menu!!

Sunday: 6/3/12
Orange Chk'n with sides of rice, quinoa, green beans and soycatash

Monday: 6/4/12
This week is a bit different, we have the BK Monday and Tuesday this week as he is going on vacation with his momma and bonus dad! He's going to have a blast!! I'm making fajitas! I'll be using portobello mushrooms.  I may make a meat sub for the BK as mushrooms are not his favorite, but we'll ask that he tries.  I will serve with black beans and rice. Avocados too!

Tuesday: 6/5/12
Since Tuesday is usually salad night I'm still going to make that up but since BK is not huge on salad as a dinner choice I'll make a couple of pizzas as well.  He says he want's pineapple on his! I think I'll lay out some ingredients and let everyone chose what it is they would like on their pizzas.

Wednesday: 6/6/12
Tonight is Roasted Squash with Forbidden Rice Risotto and Brocollini.  We have squash and we have forbidden rice, why not mix it together and eat it up?

Thursday: 6/7/12
Chili-Sweet Mango Noodles with baked marinated tofu.  This one is from Everyday Happy Herbivore (love this book!)

Friday: 6/8/12
No Cook Friday night! I think I'd love a date night!

Saturday: 6/9/12
Caribbean Peas and Rice out of Everyday Happy Herbivore again. I'm not sure right now what else we will be making as we are having guests for dinner. Perhaps I'll make a dessert as well.

So, for today's lunch we will have to wing it as we don't have left overs from last nights disaster. We shall see! I'm so glad my In-Laws have had my food before!!

Cheers and happy eating!

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