Friday, June 1, 2012

This week in food...

This week has been a busy busy week. We started out with a lovely Sunday that ended up being a bit busier than usual. But, we started the day right with a yummy breakfast that we enjoyed outside on the patio. My little one has her own little table, it's darling. Although, we did learn she's not quite ready to eat a meal outside of her highchair. That girl just wants to run everywhere!

Tofu Scramble with red kale to top it off. Seriously tasty!

Monday, for us in the US, was a holiday. Memorial Day. This day marks the beginning of summer as Labor Day marks the end.  We didn't have big plans just wanted to spend a lazy day at home. But, why not have picnic type food, right? Don't you just love picnic summer food?  All we were missing was watermelon! We have that now for this weekend! Yum! Refreshing for sure.  I made up some black bean burgers and chili. Chili is one of my favorite things to make. I still don't think my recipe is "perfect" so I have yet to post it. This last batch was pretty close though.  I also made a VegVeeta dip to go on top of the chili. Chili Cheese Burger anyone?  VegVeeta is made from cashews and looks and tastes close enough to cheese that I use it for nachos, chili, chips (especially when mixed with salsa!) and now vegan hot dogs.  It's versatile, creamy, tasty goodness. You can find the recipe on Dreena Burton's website, Plant Powered Kitchen. You can also check out her book which I've found to be a savior for being newly vegan here

I also made a great Summer Party Potato Salad, also a great picnic favorite! Corn on the cob is another favorite and we found a fast easy way to make fresh corn. Leaving the husk on add a tad bit of water into the husks and place in the microwave, 8 minutes for 3.  Comes out perfect every time!

Tuesday I went back to work after a 2 week vacation. By the time I got home I was very much craving veggies. So, for lunch I made up a quick meal. I had left over rice from chili we had on Sunday night (the chili for the burgers) which I paired with a variety of veggies. I added some hemp seeds, hemp oil, and a splash of Liquid Aminos.  

First is the chili with rice we had Sunday night. I grew up eating chili on rice so it's a staple in my house.

And then there was lunch with the left over rice. Yum!! Veggies!!

Tuesday night I made our usual huge salad but I also grabbed another recipe from Eat Raw Eat Well to add to eating raw.  I made the Jerk Vegetable Kabobs but left out the skewers.  I always seem to stab myself far too many times to ever want to actually make a kabob again. These were a tad too sweet for me but good nonetheless.  Next time I'll add a bit more spice.  Very refreshing dinner when it's so hot outside!!

Wednesday night I wanted something simple yet again so I made up some avocado panini's.  I mashed up some avocado, sliced some fresh tomatoes I got from the CSA, added vegan mozzarella cheese and fresh basil.  We used a nice Italian bread with some vegan butter, although oil would work as well. Threw them on the panini type grill pan I have (it's cast iron with a very heavy lid) and cooked till flat and toasty.  With this I served sweet potato fries and summer squash. Very easy, very tasty!

Thursday night I wanted to use up more of the chili I had made at the beginning of the week. I'm really trying to use up everything in our fridge before our next shopping trip. Less waste. Not only did I have left over chili but I also had left over VegVeeta dip. What better to go with those items than hotdogs, right?  I hadn't tried vegan hotdogs and to be honest they are not my favorite but they weren't bad.  My BK likes the fake meats so I do sometimes serve them when he's with us.  I figured it would be a night of what seemingly is "fast" food.  VegVeeta, however, is fairly healthy as is my chili.  The most unhealthy was the hotdogs themselves, mostly because they are processed.  It was still a tasty dinner. I roasted some red potatoes with a little olive oil, chili powder, garlic powder, salt, pepper, and basil.  We also made some more corn on the cob, a veggie I can get my 13 year old BK to eat.   

Tonight, No Cook Friday Night, is luckily sponsored by my Mother-In-Law.  She's making us dinner and I'm very excited!  Don't we all like food made for us??

What are some of your staples you love to cook in your home?  Any summer favorites?

Cheers and happy eating.

Listening to Dreena Burton interview by The Organic View

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