Friday, October 12, 2012

Kitchen Gadget # 8: Old Fashioned Popcorn Maker

I love popcorn. I've always loved popcorn. It seemed like a family tradition to me. We ate it nearly nightly as a family treat, even the dog loved popcorn. My mom and I looked forward to the buttery goodness each time we went to the movie theater. They just made it differently. Add some salt and you've got heaven in a bucket!

For years I've eaten easy microwave popcorn. I'd buy it from Costco to secure myself, you know, so I wouldn't run out. That was often disastrous. I'd throw it in the microwave and 3 minutes later I'd have my bowl of happiness.

When I changed my diet to a healthier plant-based version I quickly realized I would miss out on my beloved popcorn. I was distraught! Microwave popcorn has butter and who eats popcorn without butter? How else would I pop my popcorn? How would I pour non-dairy butter on my popcorn without getting most of the pieces soggy?


What I focused on was a neat little machine, the Old-Fashioned Popcorn Maker. With the cute wheels and the popping mechanism just like one you'd find at the movie theater I was sold. Still not very sure how I'd actually make it happen.

Of course, the first thing I did when I bought this contraption was get the manual out to make some popcorn. I added the oil it suggested, canola, and the amount of popcorn kernels. I let it do it's thing as I watched in elation. Happiness like when I was a child. I got all the popcorn out of it's warm bed and added salt. I tried it and was surprised. It was good! Not just good but so very good! No butter! Who knew?

I know you can pop popcorn without oil but tiny amount gives the whole batch such great flavor. Nothing soggy about it. BK (bonus-kid) said it's his favorite popcorn. Yay!

I love movie nights in this house! Love them. I know I can have heathy popcorn ready in about 6-7 minutes and boy is it tasty!

Popcorn tidbits:

  • Air popped popcorn has fewer calories than the microwave and movie theater versions. About 30 calories per cup. That's without oil and butter.

  • 3-4 cups of this popped goodness gets you to one serving of grains. Good for you snack!

  • Popcorn is loaded with polyphenols, an antioxidant. Antioxidants help protect cells from damage. One serving of popcorn has up to 300 mg of antioxidants. That's more than fruit! 

  • Popcorn is considered the perfect snack food. But, be aware of how you prepare it. Air popped is best with fewer calories. 

The hubby finds me to be quite odd. I rarely finish my freshly popped popcorn. Why? Because I love for it to sit out for a day sometimes even two. I will eat leftover stale popcorn. It is my favorite treat!

Do you have a love for popcorn? Add any fun flavors? I often add chili powder and salt. Yum!

Cheers and happy eating!


  1. I don't think I love popcorn quite as much as you do (!) but my favorite recipe is from the 30 Minute Vegan cookbook (awesome cookbook by the way...if you don't have it, get it!). It's called Hot & Spicy popcorn and has nooch, chile powder, garlic powder, cayenne and salt. So YUM!

    1. I'll have to check out that book. I love cookbooks and 30 minutes meals are the best! I was eating nooch for awhile on my popcorn but sadly it upsets my stomach. Not sure why. Very sad.

  2. I looooooooove homemade popcorn. I make mine on the stove with coconut oil and cayenne pepper. Yum!!!

    1. Oh my! I have not tried coconut oil before! I must do that! Thanks for the tip!!