Monday, July 16, 2012

Breakfast for dinner

What's better, sometimes, than breakfast for dinner? I love it!

I recently discovered delicious vegan tortillas sold at our local Sprouts, La Tuana.  I picked up one package of their plain whole wheat and a package of the whole wheat, chili flavored. What do I do with tortillas? Sometimes I add a little refried pintos and daiya and toss in the microwave to warm it. Sometimes I enjoy with tofu scramble and sometimes it's breakfast for dinner!

I decided to give these tortillas a go with the family, breakfast burrito style!

There was some work to make all the items I wanted but it was well worth it!

I made some roasted red potatoes.

Roasted Red potatoes:
6-8 potatoes, diced
1 tablespoon olive oil
seasonings of your choice (ex: chili powder, garlic powder, cayenne, oregano, salt and pepper)

Mix all ingredients in a large bowl. Roast at 425 degrees for 30-40 minutes or until slightly crisp.

I heated up, I know I cheated, some black beans and some black refried beans. Any beans would work. What's great about breakfast burritos is you can add anything you like.

I made a combination of squash, corn and peppers as well.

Squash mixture:
2 small yellow squash, diced
2 small zucchini, diced
1 ear fresh corn, cut the corn off
1 4 oz can diced green chilies
1 tomato, diced
various seasonings. I used chili powder, cayenne, and oregano.
Salt and pepper to taste.

I also made up some tofu for the "eggs."

2 packages firm tofu, drained, pressed and crumpled
1-2 teaspoons turmeric
1/2 tablespoon nutritional yeast, more to taste if you'd like
1/4 teaspoon black salt
2 green onions, green and white parts, chopped
Salt and pepper to taste
Fresh basil to taste

Heat a non-stick pan. Crumple the tofu into the hot pan. Add seasonings. Heat until cooked through, about 5 minutes. Add the onions and basil. Taste for seasoning, add more as needed.

Serve with warmed tortillas. Fresh avocado and any other condiments you like.

This makes for a simple dinner any night of the week. Add or omit anything you'd like. We love breakfast burritos around here!

What would you like in your burrito?
What is your favorite ingredient in a breakfast burrito? What is your favorite breakfast for dinner meal?

Cheers and happy eating!

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