Friday, April 20, 2012

Menu for this week. 4/22/12-4/28/12

I'm running a bit slow today. Some of you may know some may not. I was involved in an automobile accident in August of 2011. Because of it I've suffered nerve damage in my left arm. I had surgery in November of last year to release the tangled nerve, ulnar, which lies near the elbow. It was moved to a location on the inside of my arm. Anyway, I suffer from pain, often times severe, on a mostly daily basis. My naturopath and I have been working on a natural pain relief treatment which ironically includes needles! Eek!

Anyway, I still have my bad days, although they are getting farther between which is nice. The last few days, however, have been "bad" days. My nerve tries to tell my brain that it's in pain, stiff, and does strange things in my arm and wrist. So, I'm moving slowly today. Which means I've only gotten half my grocery shopping done but I still have my menu for next week.

Sunday: 4/22/12
It seems like a crockpot kind of day (it's supposed to be in the 90's this weekend!) so it's Kidney Bean Pasta Soup. My BK told me he really likes kidney beans so I will try and incorporate them into more recipes! Yay!

Monday: 4/23/12
Pasta Della California. It's pasta with avocados and arugula with a white wine sauce. Sounds light and tasty. I found this out of Veganomicon. I'll have the hubby grill up some tofu as well. A side of green beans sounds nice as well.

Tuesday: 4/24/12
Salad Tuesday. I generally make up other things. I tend to feel inspired when we get our CSA loot!

Wednesday: 4/25/12
Jerk Chickpeas (LTEV!!) tacos. Side of refried beans and chips and salsa. I started making my own again. After the incident with the canned roasted peppers from Costco I got a bit scared. But, I'm back at it. I'll post a recipe soon.

Thursday: 4/26/12
Lentil sloppy joes. This will be my own recipe because I have yet to find one in a cookbook we actually all like. I'm hoping it goes over well. I'll make tater tots or sweet potato fries and probably Soycatash from Trader Joe's. Love it!

Friday: 4/27/12
No cook Friday night. We'll have to wait and see!

Saturday: 4/28/12
Portabella burgers. Roasted red potatoes with root vegetables and sweet potatoes. Yum!


Cheers and happy eating!

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