Monday, April 16, 2012

Menu for the week. 4/15/12-4/21/12

I've been making a lot of other peoples recipes lately. I started to get some what of a complex about it but realized that when I was a meat eater making my own recipes I really knew my ingredients. I'd been cooking with them for so many years I knew what went well together, what seasonings worked and so on. Now, as a plant strong happy eater I don't know my ingredients as well. Some I've never met before and really need to take out for a drink and get to know them. So, I'm learning all over again. I will continue to slowly work on the recipes I feel I can master as I learn from cooking others. When I really know my ingredients I know I will truly blossom!

Sunday: 4/15/12
Saturday was supposed to be chili but we had quite the day at the Air Show so there was no time to get it done. So, I moved chili to Sunday. Cornbread and of course rice. I grew up eating my chili on rice, I always make it to go with.

Monday: 4/16/12
Cosmic cashew kale and chickpeas with confetti quinoa. I found this recipe from a blogger I follow, Susan with Fat Free Vegan.

Tuesday: 4/17/12
Salad Tuesday night. Salad really does some easier when we go to get our CSA loot.

Wednesday: 4/18/12
Burritos with rice and black beans. Corn and green beans on the side.

Thursday: 4/19/12
Black bean burgers and veggies we get from the CSA. All the fixin's!

Friday: 4/20/12
Left overs. No Cook Friday Night!!

Saturday: 4/21/12
Spaghetti squash Mexicana with tropical Avocado salsa fresca. This one is out of the best named cookbook, Veganomincon.

Cheers and happy eating!

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