Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Birthday Weekend with great food!

No cook Friday, stir fryZemams Ethiopian CuisineTofu scramble breakfastTuscan bean soup

Birthday Weekend, a set on Flickr.

Everyone gets older, everyone dreads it(unless you're a kid and you can't wait for the next birthday to come round). This year I wanted to get some time in with family, friends, and I certainly wanted to enjoy great food!

The weekend started with No Cook Friday Night. By no cook I mean either eat out, order in, or cook up all the left overs(whatever they may be) in the fridge. Since we had A LOT of veggies left in the fridge I made a very quick stir fry. Green beans, broccoli, carrots, celery, bok choy, water chestnuts, red cabbage and bean sprouts. I made some rice and threw the stir fry on top, so good! I made a sauce with Gin(replaces rice wine vinegar which for some reason I cannot find in the stores), black bean garlic sauce, cornstarch, and ginger. I then added Bragg's and some sesame oil. The weekend started off so tasty!

Saturday morning was sort of the same theme, make what you have. I decided on a tofu scramble(I suppose I should venture out and make something different but I'm liking the scrambles). I added mini bell peppers(I buy a big bag at costco and use them for two weeks!), spinach, potatoes, onion, garlic, broccoli, and green onions. Yum! We headed out on Saturday to the Botanical Gardens to see the Butterfly exhibit, such a beautiful day! J loved the butterflies!! We decided to grab a small snack there. We split a hummus sandwich with tomato and spinach. It was good, but I think I could have done better.

After a lovely day we met up with some friends at a restaurant the hubby and I have not been to. Zemams Ethiopian Cuisine. If you haven't tried Ethiopian food, do it! It was so incredibly good!! The picture with all the, well what looks like baby food on a pizza dish, is the dinner for that evening. The hubby and I both got the veggie samplers(comes with your choice of 3 dishes) so we had 6 veggie dishes to enjoy. We got the chickpea dish blended with berbere and other spices, carrots and cabbage in a mild sauce, split peas cooked with garlic, and a potato and veggie dish. We order two of the potato dishes and two of the cabbage dishes. The potato, veggie dish was my favorite! We got a lentil dish as well, J loved that one!! She tried all of them. The "bread" served is called injera, it's a cross between naan and a tortilla. It's a bit spongy but very good. They do not provide utensils there, you simply pick up the food in the injera and enjoy. I will definitely go back! Meeting friends for a pre birthday dinner at a fantastic restaurant really made for a great weekend! Another of our friends offered to watch the little one while we went out. Going out for us is so rare! We decided on a movie and had a great time!

Sunday, my actual birthday, we wanted something hearty for breakfast. The hubby ran out for bagels, jalapeno for me and sesame for him. We toasted them and added the warmed up tofu scramble left overs to the top then melted some soy cheese on top. Topped with baby spinach and that I must say was super!!

For my birthday we took the little one to the zoo. Again, it was a beautiful day. For lunch we headed over to Pei Wei and order to take it home. I got the Spicy Korean with tofu and vegetables(I asked for the sauce on the side so it wouldn't be too spicy). The hubby was able to order Pad Thai without the eggs, he too added tofu and veggies. If you want a quick place to eat out but want to stick with the Vegan route try Pei Wei. If you look up online the Nutrition guide there are many dishes they can easily make Vegan. They are very accommodating. Now, if any of you have kids you will understand why we ended up eating in the car in front of our house. The baby fell asleep on the way home. I told the hubby to think of it as a picnic in our front yard. Fun!

After lunch I met up with a girlfriend to get pedi's. A girl needs one every now and again. I then headed off to a Superbowl party to meet up with the hubby. I didn't eat while I was there but I noticed quite the lovely spread of veggies! Heaven. We then dashed off to dinner with my mom. Yoshimatsu was the place and noodle soup was for dinner. I love this restaurant! The best part, things are clearly marked as V for vegan. It was a hit with everyone including the baby. She enjoyed the gingered tofu and the edamame.

Gosh, looking over all that makes it sound like all we did was eat! I must say it was a tasty tasty weekend!! Last night, the day after my birthday, I had non-dairy ice cream...cookie avalanche. Great way to end it all!

Cheers and happy eating!

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