Thursday, February 9, 2012

Not so inspired.

Ever have one of those nights where inspiration for food is just NOT there? I had one of those nights. I guess a plus to my weekly menu(I know, I forgot to post it this week) is I already have something to make even if I'm just not feeling it.

The recipe I used, Garlicky Pinto Bean Past Bake from The Get Healthy, Go Vegan Cookbook: 125 Easy and Delicious Recipes to Jump-Start Weight Loss and Help You Feel Great obviously called for pinto beans. Now, I'm far from perfect so at times I forget to write down ingredients from the recipe I use. I read it in the book and, in my mind, it's been magically written on my shopping list. Boy, I wish that were true. So, I forgot the pinto beans so I decided to use black instead. Again, I was not inspired by this dish nor was I looking forward to it. I often feel quite inspired by food. Sometimes I even dream of food, wake, and make it that day. Of course lately dreams seem to be a bit of a luxury with an infant who wakes at night and all so I haven't had one of those nights in some time. Anyway, gosh I just keep getting side tracked(it's the U of A game!) back to the pasta bake. Tonight we have BK so of course I try to make something, anything, he may like. After sauteing some onion and garlic I added tomatoes(with their juices) and whole wheat elbow macaroni. Cooked that til the pasta was al dente(I do love using that) and added black beans. Included were a bunch of yummy spicy seasonings. I then put the bake in a casserole dish with tortilla chips on top and baked it. I wasn't giving this dish much because to be honest I did what I don't want BK to do, I came to the table with the notion it may not be good. When I got to the table BK was putting pepperoncini on! great idea!! I followed suit. It was actually not bad. Simple. Easy. Good.

Along with the pasta bake I made some kale. Wilted in some water with garlic. Yum! The hubby, BK and J all ate it. J loved the pasta bake as well. I'm happy, everyone ate it. Everyone seemed to like it. Maybe not putting so much "worry" into made it all the better!

Here's a pretty picture:
Black bean pasta bake & kale

If you're uninspired, cook just never know!

Cheers and happy eating!

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