Sunday, February 12, 2012

Menu for the week of 2/12/12-2/18/12

I apologize for not posting last weeks menu.

So, here's this weeks menu!

Sunday 2/12:
Zingy Italian White Bean Soup(seems very similar to what we had last night but looked so tasty)
I may grab some bread bowls and use those! Yum!

Monday 2/13:
Fantastic Sloppy Joe's with mashed potatoes
I will make this more like a Sheppard's Pie(we are trying this one out without BK first to see if it's something he might eat)

Tuesday 2/14:
It's Valentine's day but I couldn't think of anything fancy to make. Most other years we make lamb, this year we are saving our hearts. I think it will be salad like most Tuesdays. I may make a chocolate mousse as well, put it in a wine or champagne class topped with strawberries and you've got romance!

Wednesday 2/15:
Tamale Pie. I'll serve some salsa and chips and perhaps get the hubby to make guacamole.

Thursday 2/16:
I could not thing of something BK would like so it's a staple...burgers and tots. Black bean burgers for us, regular for him.

Friday 2/17:
No cook Friday. We'll all have to wait and see.

Saturday 2/18:
General Tao's Tofu with rice and steamed broccoli. Yum! Looking forward to this one.

With all of these I do add veggies I just don't always know what. We get our CSA basket on Tuesday so I work from there and when I go to the store I find whatever looks good. My menu tends to go with the main more than the sides I suppose. I do have a beautiful red cabbage from last weeks CSA, I more pickle it or throw it into a slaw. I do have fennel too, fennel/coleslaw slaw! Yummy!

Cheers and happy eating!

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