Wednesday, February 8, 2012


With the bonus kid with us this evening I do try and make food I think he may like. That's no easy task these days. Tonight I decided to make ultimate nachos. I thought they would be a big hit!!

Ultimate Nachos

I used TVP(texturized vegetable protein) for the first time. I must admit when I first put it in the saute pan with water it did not smell appetizing. But, I forged ahead regardless of smell. I added yellow and red bell pepper, taco seasoning(a yummy packet I found at Trader Joe's that makes my life easier), a little soy sauce(Bragg's Amino Acids), tomatoes, and salsa. I tasted it, not bad! Not bad at all. The texture kind of reminds me of ground chicken. Maybe not as chewy but who wants overly chewy food(especially food that shouldn't be), right? I was impressed!

I think putting nachos all together is fun but again I do love food, all things food really. Warm tortilla chips, TVP(with seasoning), black olives, black beans, refried pinto beans, shredded carrot, shredded daikon radish(added a little kick), salsa, lettuce and avocado all with vegan queso(found this at Whole Foods). Who wouldn't like this? Wow, it was SO good!! I loved it, J loved it, the hubby wants to have it again. As for BK, he said meh, it was okay. He did, however, eat a bit more than he has been. Yay! I think he prefers the meatless meatballs. Perhaps next time I'll make nachos with the meatballs.

I'm full! I'm happy! And I think the picture shows just how darn yummy it all was. What do you think?

Cheers and happy eating!


  1. looks yummy! curious what parts J eats...z won't do lettuce, she gags on it. haven't tried olives. She's a cheese fanatic, so not sure if she'll do vegan. Something to try for sure when daddy is out of town.

  2. She ate the black beans, refried beans, the TVP, black olives(she really likes those), and some of the carrots. She isn't too sure about the lettuce but she keeps trying. :) She hates avocado so she didn't eat any of that. She tends to like spicy food so the TVP was a hit! It was all so yummy!!!