Thursday, March 29, 2012

I have strayed from my ways. And, watch this movie!

A while back I posted about my experience with processed foods. My experience with MSG and all the terms that hide in your food but are essentially MSG. I don't do well with any of it and in all actuality nobody does. No one should be eating the processed things they do. But, food manufactures continue to market things as healthy and good. They make it look appealing and we, as a society, continue to buy it. What we don't know is it's addictive like a cigarette, alcohol, drugs.

I just watched Hungry For Change and I must say it was a great movie. Like Forks Over Knives it is an eye opening movie I think everyone should see. They specifically mention the 50 items that are essentially MSG hidden in your food. I've been waiting so long for that to be told. They speak of the dangers of sugars, especially in our kids foods. My BK (Bonus Kid) sat down and watched the part about sugar and got a little upset wondering if all he eats is unhealthy. Basically, yes (the prepackaged items anyway). I think what may have bothered him is that he is learning that what he eats and majority of what his friends eat is unhealthy. He was surprised. I remember being a teenager when I thought I could live on ramen, Cheetos, candy and whatever else too. His favorites are Funyuns, Dr. Pepper, and Beef sticks. All we try to do for him is make him aware of what is healthy and what is not. Although we do not provide any of these items in the house, as a teenager, he does have his own money and continues to buy things all on his own. I'm hoping this movie will shed a little light for him if nothing else. I do know he is an active kid, as I was as a teenager as well. That's a plus. Maybe he'll eat more greens! I could only hope.

As for my 1 year old, I'm hoping because she is starting out with health on her side she will grow up knowing this is how we eat. I'm hoping peer pressure doesn't overcome. We shall see. As for now the kid loves healthy food! Well, except avocados. Baffles me!

What I've realized, now that I've been eating plant strong/vegan for 3 months, is I've forgotten my roots. My NO MSG roots! I've been so caught up in trying to make new things I've never known of before and trying to please everyone in the house. I've been making pre-packaged items more than I should! I've used the crutch of fake meats, when we have BK, to satisfy his appetite. Last night I made Chickpea Cutlets. The recipe called for Vital Wheat Gluten. As soon as I ate some of it my stomach churned in a knot. Not sure if it was the Wheat Gluten but I'm thinking that must be it. Is that a processed item? Is it bad for you? I have no idea. That's where I'm at. A lot of these things are so new to me I have yet to do the research. I just add it to my menu and feed it to my family. J wouldn't even touch it. BK ate some and the hubby found the texture weird. They weren't BAD just different. I'd love to do something with chickpeas in that fashion again but without the wheat gluten. I'm thinking, possibly, chia seeds. They make a lovely gelatinous substance that's great for binding and they are natural.

So, watch the movie, it's eye opening. And read your labels! The amount of sugars, MSG, aspartame, processed foods we eat is horrendous! It's only making us sick, fat, and killing us!

I will be doing my research and will have to find ways to feed the teenager without the crutch. Or if he must have that crutch I'd prefer that than meat or dairy so I'll be making two meals the nights we have him. I will do that for my stomach! For the hubby's stomach and to teach the little one that eating healthy is GREAT! Maybe BK will jump on this wagon?! He did eat the BBQ collard roll ups I made. Yep, I got the kid to eat collards. :)

Cheers and happy eating!

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