Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Veggies with more veggies...SALAD!

What do you need when making a very large salad? You got it, a very large bowl! A very large cutting board (one of my favorite things), a very large knife, and ingredients! Lots and lots of ingredients.

Not pictured: carrots. I forgot about them but they were added! No worries, carrots, you were not forgotten for long.

Some key kitchen items I like to have on had for salad making are:
Very large cutting board (I've mentioned this.)
Large mixing bowl
Trash bowl (I'm too lazy to bring the trash to me)
Nice sharp knife
Vegetable peeler
Can opener (I added garbanzo beans to my salad)
Salad spinner (mine is small so I spin in batches)
Storage bowl with lid (it's got to be big!)

Now, you're set!

I used carrots, because eventually I remembered, from CSA. Why do I love the CSA? Because all items need homes no matter how ugly they may be. Grocery stores tend to sell only the pretty ones.

You're beautiful to me, carrot!

The problem with such a big salad, mixing it without making a mess. I'd like to say I did it perfectly but it's really not the truth and I'd hate to lie to my readers. The bowl was overflowing with goodness. My cats found falling salad pieces quite amusing.

Since I make my salads when the baby is either asleep or at school I must throw it into a container that will fit the size. Besides, a chilled salad is a good one. Luckily, I have one very large storage bowl. Now, if I ever have that in use on Tuesdays well...I guess I'll have several small bowls filling up the fridge. It's okay, it's all good!

Another kitchen essential would be large wooden salad bowls to enjoy a large salad from. I will keep an eye out for those. For now, I used large tupperware containers because it's easy to mix the dressing in, I don't want to make another mess, and it's easy to see what all you're eating. I added chopped marinated artichokes, black olives, cracked salt and pepper. My dressing of choice is balsamic vinegar. Not a dressing just the vinegar, straight. Mmmm! With some fresh bread also bought from the CSA dinner was so very good!

Cheers and happy eating!

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