Saturday, March 31, 2012

I'm already eying the hubby's leftovers

Oh yes, dinner was THAT good. But, I'll get to that momentarily.

We had quite the active day today. Seeing as we knew we would be out in the sun all day, I believe it hit 91 degrees here today, we started out with a hearty breakfast. I had made a bean and rice dinner the other night and still had left overs so I cooked up some mushrooms, green onion, the beans and rice, some tofu and extra seasoning, as well as salsa and threw it in a burrito. Quite tasty! I love just throwing stuff together. Whatever I've got on hand. Makes for a quick meal.

The morning got a bit of a late start. Certainly not on purpose but that's just what happens sometimes, I guess. We headed out earlyish to get to the Air and Space Museum. With it being hot today and all we wanted to get there early and it takes us about 20 or so minutes to get there. With a little one there is a lot to load in a car, I'm sure some of you understand! We got to the museum only to find the front tire of our Jeep Liberty Jogging stroller was completely flat. Not only was it flat but it was unrepairable once we removed the giant thorn (GIANT). Okay, so plan B. At that moment a very nice man came up with, coincidentally, the same stroller and pumped up our tire (oh yes, he was a bit more prepared than we were). But, sadly, it deflated just as we got the little one in the stroller. Plan C? Hmmm...well, try to find a Walmart (that is where the man told us he found a tire tube the size we needed). None near where we were! Of course! So, we drove back into town and hit the Walmart near our house. Luckily during this time the little one napped in the car. Okay, so tube purchased, pump too, now back to the museum. The upside was that earlier in the day I had tried to get in touch with my dad to see if he would want to join us but couldn't get a hold of him. As we were fumbling with the tire I finally got in touch with him and, luckily, the time it would take us to get back gave him enough time to meet us. Yay! I knew he would enjoy the military vehicles on display, today only.

Day saved! J had a nap and the tire was fixed, meaning the stroller was able to move properly. If any of you have jogging/running strollers you know that front tire is essential.

While there we had a great time! J is walking now (she wasn't the last time we went) and was so excited to walk everywhere. Now we just need to get her to stop eating rocks! We had lunch there at the museum (thanks, dad!) and they are kind enough to have a really good black bean burger. After that is was more site seeing. I think my dad liked chatting with the other army guys.

With such the long day, seeing as the double trip made it longer and all we didn't get home til about 5:30. We did make a stop at Target on the way. Found a can of mustard greens...A CAN? Gross! Fresh is so much better! Anyway. By the time we made it home it was just too late to make the chili I had planned. My chili takes a long time. But, it is so darn good! Well, what's for dinner? We don't have much time before it's the little one's bed time and we are both exhausted!

I decided on spaghetti squash. I threw it in the microwave (if you try this please poke several holes in it first, unless you want a new microwave!) for about 12 minutes. For a sauce I sauteed some mushrooms and garlic and added in some crushed tomatoes. I added some thyme and oregano and a little salt. I let that cook for about 15 minutes then added some sliced black olives and kale cut into small pieces. Once the kale wilted a bit dinner was done! Wow!! I ate two helpings. The hubby only ate one. See? That's why I'm eyeing his left overs. You don't think he'd notice, right? :)

I decided to add kale because I've been thinking about it all day! Kale is my new bacon!!! Who said that? Woah...I DID! I love kale!

Today was a great day, I must say. Food was good. Company was great. J is now fast asleep and will hopefully get good rest through the night! Happy moma right here! I think I'll make some popcorn so I can avoid stealing from the hubby. Did you know popcorn is full of antioxidants? Crazy huh? But, true story. We can talk about that later. The hubby is starring at me, he's ready to watch a movie.

Cheers and happy eating!

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