Thursday, March 1, 2012

4th Ave adventures for CSA pickup

It seems to always be an adventure when venturing down to 4th ave. Whether it be the people watching, the countless different styles of food, or the, make you feel alive, nightlife. I don't get down to 4th ave much anymore but I do try when I can. It's nice to know that CSA pickup is right off 4th near a little cafe, which is awesome by the way, called Epic. I get my 4th ave fix when I take baby J down to pick up our loot! We love doing this together so if naps are in order we get to go instead of the hubby.

This week was a little adventure for us for sure. To start my car is kind of on the smaller size. Well, let me preface with the fact that my other car is even smaller so I'm quite grateful for car #2. Car #1, my car actually that my hubby is driving since I can't (my accident left my left arm in pain so driving a stick shift is difficult), is a VW Beetle so yes, that's SMALL. Car #2, my hubby's car that I currently drive, is a Toyota Rav4 so it could be smaller for sure. But, for me this car is still just too small for all an 11 month old comes with.

So, I realize upon getting ready that my car is full of a jogging stroller (in the back hatch) which is good for zoo trips and the like, a stroller that fits the car seat (in the back seat) which is great for daycare pickup, and a small folding stroller great for small trips such as CSA pick up. This stroller was in the front seat. So, one stroller in the back hatch, one standing in the back and the other in the front. Too funny, I think! Once I have J in the car in her backwards facing car seat which seems quite large and then fit myself in the front the car is packed!

The drive down was fairly uneventful seeing as J fell asleep. She does make cute noise though while sleep. :) Getting down to the area that CSA pickup is I always find parking hard to come by. The signs are confusing to me because the way I logically see them the hubby says isn't the way to follow them. So, do I park here or did permit parking started here? Or do I park here where it says END or not park in front? I don't know! So, to make it easier I just park on 4th near Epic Cafe.

After parking I waited for the baby to wake, I never wake a sleeping baby, and play on my phone. Listen to music, people watch. It's all fun! When we decide it's time to go get our yummy loot I get her smaller folding stroller out of the front seat, load her in with bear in toe (and a blanket for a chilly day) and start to head North. This is when I hear a loud screeching noise that did not sound good. So we turn to find a guy on a motorcycle just lost his bike as it slid down 4th with him lying in wait way behind. Wow! That's crazy. The guy at the shop next to Epic came out and said he sees at least one of those a day. The tracks for the trolly merge from the driving lane to the center lane at that point so I'm sure the poor guys wheel caught and BAM he was down! He got up and it took 3 men to pick up his quite fancy looking bike. I'm sure the guy was sore the next day!!

Well that was excitement for the day so we continue on. Once we get there it seems it was baby central. Lot's of folks with babies, one small infant screaming it's head off! Oh well, I too have a baby. She, however, is gazing around at all the neat things to see. We grab our loot and head over to the bread section. Of course they only take cash or check neither of which I have with me because the stroller is too small to hold my purse as well as the CSA bags of food. :) We head back to the car where I grab cash and once again head back in for bread. Since it was the hubby's birthday I figured he'd enjoy a loaf. Especially an extra sour loaf.

I did notice a dad and daughter sitting at one of the outside cafe tables at Epic enjoying a bowl of soup. It was sweet to see! One day that may be the hubby and J. So adorable.

I must say it's always a pleasure to visit 4th ave. I do love our little adventures. Who knows what next week has in store for us.

Anyway, we got carrots, beets, collard greens, fennel, romaine lettuce, garlic and red cabbage this week in our CSA basket. The romaine went right into the salad.

CSA week 2 round 2

Cheers and happy eating!

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