Saturday, March 24, 2012

What is one to do on No Cook Friday Night?

I was so famished by the time the hubby came home from work last night. J had her snack and was happily walking/playing around. But, me, I had no snack and was ready to eat a bag of kale! I love me some kale! Try it! No, seriously! It's SO good!

Seeing as it's a no cook night and really I didn't even want to cook up leftovers with the week I had I wasn't finding anything to be pleasing. So, it was an order in night. We ordered 3 falafel sandwiches from a local restaurant and had an extra side of falafel to go with. Since that's just a whole lot of beans I decided I'd make up some veg to go with.

Kale anyone?

Sauteeing a little kale in vegetable stock with an addition of garlic!

Then I added some squash since we had it on hand. Isn't Friday for whatever we've got in the fridge? Yep!

I did blanch the squash first for a few minutes then threw it in with the kale. A little garlic powder for extra garlicky goodness and pepper and bam...veg!

I ate several portions because I was THAT hungry! And it was so good!

I love not cooking on Fridays!

Cheers and happy eating!

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