Tuesday, March 13, 2012

This one went fast!

Dinner with the BK can be tough at times as with any teenager. I remember being picky when I was young, heck sometimes I'm still picky! I never liked my mom's homemade mac & cheese I had to have the stuff in the box that Kraft made. Wow, how healthy was that? I'm sure you remember the days of eating cold raw hotdogs, fried bologna, ramen, and candy like there was no tomorrow. Those were the days I guess. I didn't have to worry about clogged arteries, migraines (I had them but had no idea what they were from), good health, and the waist line!

I try to please everyone in the house with good food. Sometimes it proves to be a bit of a challenge. Will I start making things that taste like those you can find in boxes and cans? No. I don't cook with processed ingredients and MSG as they do. I firmly believe that helps add the flavors you find in things like Hamburger Helper and Kraft Macaroni and Cheese. Not only does it give flavor it gives you ailments I wish more would realize are connected. You are what you eat!

I will, however, for BK's sake make things that I think he'll enjoy that mimic those of convenience. Last week I made Sloppy Joe's. I have yet to master Sloppy Joe's made with lentils but I will eventually do so. For now, I find fake meats with the fewest amounts of processed materials. I used those along with fresh veggies and a sauce I used to make for my meat version of Sloppy Joe's. Now, I'm not an advocate of the fake meats as I've said before but when you have a teenager who for his whole life ate a certain way it is difficult to up root his entire food selection. He does eat some items I make that have no fake meats. He ate my chili last weekend! I was very happy!! I'm almost done with that recipe, by the way (it will go in my book!). So, back to dinner. We had Sloppy Joe's, green beans sauteed in Extra Virgin Olive Oil and garlic. I always blanch and shock my veggies first then saute them. The hubby loves them! BK eats some, even J munches them. We had potato salad because this past weekend we did a birthday party for my little girl (blog to come) and I really wanted to master the recipe so we ate a lot the week before. :) I also made tater tots. My vice. I love eating them on the sandwich. J loves them as well!! I bake them with a bit of seasoning and they are good to go!

Pretty simple meal and it was quite a success! The boys said it's their favorite Sloppy Joe's so far. I will, however, master the lentil version!!

Sloppy Joe's

Cheers and happy eating!

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