Thursday, March 8, 2012

It's forbidden

Lately on Tuesdays we've been having one big 'ole salad for dinner! But, I've also used this night to make up things we've gotten from our CSA loot and/or make whatever is in the fridge. I do love to experiment. Why not do so on Tuesdays when we have a salad to back it up if my experiment is a major fail, right?

This Tuesday was no different. I had a bunch of collard greens in the fridge just waiting for their time to be enjoyed so I made them, vegan style. So many recipes call for ham bone. I really hoped they would turn out just as good without, not that I would really know though. I cooked them up with onion, garlic, red pepper flakes, and veggie stock. They cooked for about 40 minutes. The aroma in the house was fantastic! Makes you want to eat everything from the tiles on the floor to the popcorn on the ceiling! Yum! As another side I made forbidden black rice. I admit I only bought forbidden rice because anything that is forbidden is good, right? I made the rice with onion, garlic, red and yellow bell peppers. I then added Northern White Beans.

Salad night

And, dinner was served. The salad was tasty as always. I enjoy using balsamic vinegar as my dressing and pepperoncini for garnish. The collards are a bit of an acquired taste but they were good. I just think if you're not used to the taste it might take a little butter and salt to coax your taste buds. J wasn't sure at first but eventually ate them just fine. I had two helpings so they weren't bad at all! The rice had a great nutty flavor that we both enjoyed. I will definitely make them again. As for J, she just about jumped out of her highchair to get more. She LOVED it! Loved it!

I love experimenting. I love trying new things. And if I mess up I have salad which, in my book, is always a winner!

Cheers and happy eating!

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