Thursday, January 5, 2012

Black bean...burger?

Well, the black bean burger didn't look good, but it sure did taste good! I will need to experiment with how to make it more pattie like not falling apart. The flavor was great I just wasn't sure if I would make it through dinner without a huge mess on my plate. The bonus kid tried the smallest bite possible then downed a bunch of water, he likes black beans or did so not sure what happened there. The hubby liked them! I think I may try broiling them next time.
Black beans 2 cans, rinsed
Cumin about a teaspoon or so
Green chilies
Blend in food processor
Bread crumbs about a cup
Salt and pepper to taste
I then sauteed portabella mushrooms, ran them through the processor and added to the mix
Oh, and onion powder
I eyeball most ingredients. Mixed it all, formed patties and put them in the fridge. I then fried them up in the pan with a little oil.

Ugly little tasty burgers!

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