Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Eating like a vegan

I have been one of those people that believe vegans can't eat anything and if they do it's full of carbs, sugar, fats and processed foods. When I decided to eat a more whole diet with far more plants than I ever thought possible I wasn't sure the outcome. I'm sure others now think of me how I once thought, "what does she eat?"

I have to tell you, I feel like my door to the food world has been opened, really opened. I had no idea certain things even existed and I'm sure there are so many things out there left to discover.
Things I've never had before this lifestyle change:
Collard greens
Tofu(not that I never had it, I just didn't realize the ways to make it and make it good!)
Most of the leafy greens we've gotten from the CSA.

It's only been about 3 weeks and to be honest, at first I didn't feel satisfied after I ate. I felt hungry, empty, and sometimes late at night I'd wake up starving which never happened before. But, that changed and it didn't take long. I now find myself leaving food behind because it was just too much to eat. I'm satisfied, full, happy! A plate full of veggies is filling, who knew?!

I thought about whether or not I'm missing anything and as of yet the answer is no. I'm sure at some point, probably when I smell bacon, I will miss things I once had but for now it just sickens me. I know after eating breakfast, lunch or dinner I've done my body good. I feel good, I feel satisfied, I feel clean.

So, I suppose if anyone ever asks what I eat here is what I can say.
Eating a more vegan diet doesn't mean just carbs, just processed foods(we don't eat a lot of the fake stuff), just sugar(we don't just eat desserts either). What we do eat and by eat I mean an abundance of...no counting calories, no overeating and feeling ill, no worrying if it's healthy.
Collard greens, kale, beets, beans(all kinds), leafy greens, herbs, spices, tofu(sparingly), peppers, carrots, celery, radishes(several different kinds), potatoes, quinoa, rice(so many, we have yet to try them all), pasta(mostly whole wheat), cereal, plant based milk, edamame, green beans, brocoli, cauliflower, the list is endless. I realized that eating in moderation really doesn't exist when you eat healthy. You can eat til your hearts content. Tonight is no exception, we had a large salad, large! It was not only filling but I don't feel bogged down after dinner. It's a great feeling!!

I now crave veggies more than before and I thought I craved them before. I look forward to dinner every night! I look forward to feeling good.

Cheers and happy eating!

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