Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Tofu Steak

Tofu steak by VlinderM
Tofu steak, a photo by VlinderM on Flickr.

I changed up the menu a little for this evenings dinner because we got our CSA basket yesterday so I wanted to use some items from there. I still made the tofu steak but I marinaded it in a ginger-sesame vinaigrette that I made this afternoon. Sam then grilled it along side some limes using a grill pan my mom gave us for Christmas. I must admit, I was a little skeptical because tofu is still so new to me. But, when it came out, wow! was it good! It's a definite for another weeks menu. Sam loved it and although BK complained he never did stop eating it so we think he complained out of principle more than anything else. Even J, the 10 month old, loved it. I think even those who aren't sure about tofu may like it. The sides were broiled red potatoes with thyme, veg broth, salt and pepper. I broiled them for about 15 minutes, quite tasty. For a vegetable I sauteed some valentine(or watermelon) radish in non-dairy butter and some EVOO(extra-virgin olive oil), then added some water to steam them a bit and once that evaporated a tad I added tatsoi(a leafy green). That was incredibly tasty!! The radishes were great raw and great cooked. I do believe tonight's dinner was a success all around. Mmmm!

Cheers and happy eating!

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