Friday, January 6, 2012

Out to dinner

Generally on Friday nights I'm too darn tired to cook so it's generally a nosh on whats in the freezer, left over, or go out kind of night. Sam and I decided to take the little lady (9.5 months) and head out. I'm sure there are places in town where finding vegan options would be difficult but luckily for us we were already enjoying the more healthy side to foods so finding a place to satisfy our needs was not a burden. We decided on Guillon's, Healthy Chinese Food. They actually have a vegan menu with different types of fake meats but we aren't so interested in heading down that road. We both chose vegetarian dishes of vegetables and tofu, his was tofu skin while mine was firm tofu pieces. Of course we shared with each other and J was very eager to try as well. We brought her food, quinoa, black beans and brocoli which she scarfed up as well. She did very much enjoy mommy and daddy feeding her with grown up utensils from their plates. It was interesting to speak with the couple that sat at a table next to us, they too had not fed their children the traditional baby food from the jars and praised us for doing the same. We have had mixed reactions to this but it's always nice to hear from others that made their own baby food as well.

What I've noticed with not eating animal products, I believe it's been a few days now, that the heaviness isn't there to make me feel that full feeling you get. I'm not necessarily hungry just not 100% satisfied either. We shared our dinners but left some to bring home, had vegetarian egg rolls and enough hot tea to send me to the restroom several times so it's not as if I didn't get enough. I know my body needs to adjust to not filling it with food that it must work incredibly hard to adjust so for now I'll just wait and make sure I have healthy snacks around the house. I'm thinking hummus will be plentiful around here.

Tomorrow nights dinner was planned to be braised beef, it's in the freezer so we decided to make it to get rid of it. Looking across the table this evening we both decided that it just does not sound appetizing at all. We will leave it in our freezer for another time. I think I may make something up with the red quinoa I bought from Whole foods instead. Sounds plenty appetizing and exciting to make up something different and new.



  1. *correction* ...hard to digest not hard to adjust.

  2. My sister would make big batches of baby food and freeze it in large ice cube trays. It made dinner time so much easier. I plan on doing the same for Eddie when it's time for him to eat solids. Great job and keep it up, girlfriend!

  3. Hi Jen, wasn't sure if that was you. We too have been making large batches and freezing them. I have ice cube trwys with lids then I transfer to labeled ziplocs. It's great you will be doing it as well!!