Saturday, January 21, 2012

Menu for the week of 1/22/12-1/28/12

This week we have BK Wednesday through Sunday. I have found it's a bit more of a challenge to plan the menu the week we have him for a longer stretch of time, but I do love a challenge! He more than makes up for it anyway by being so darn awesome...but anyway.

Sunday 1/22/12:
Lentil soup with chard(I needed to figure out how to use the chard from our CSA basket). I will be serving these in bread bowls from my favorite place, Beyond Bread.

Monday 1/23/12:
Asparagus(great sale at Sunflower this week!) red pepper stir fry with rice. It's a great time for J to try asparagus.

Tuesday 1/24/12:
Big ole salad(seriously I put every veggie in it, yum!) and bread, once again from Beyond Bread. Or if J and I are feeling particularly active we'll head to the little bakery near our house.

Wednesday 1/25/12:
Mexicali tostadas with black beans. Sam makes a killer guacamole and I'll make the salsa. I'm pretty sure BK won't be able to resist!

Thursday 1/26/12:
Burgers(real for BK, chipotle black bean for us(J loves these!) with tater tots because I cannot resist and some left over salad from Tuesday night.

Friday 1/27/12:
Since last week didn't go so well with me cooking I think we will either go out or eat some left overs from the freezer. I really shouldn't be cooking on Fridays, something just shuts off for me. Ha!

Saturday 1/28/12:
Chili(I'm trying another vegan chili, I really hope this one is fantastic!) with cornbread. I did buy two boxes of cornbread mix this week. I will make one during the week using a spoon full(about the size of an egg) of silken tofu to replace the egg to see how it turns out. I know there are egg replacers out there but I'll try the tofu first. If it doesn't work we may need to figure something else out.

Things I've found that make great snack food for the work week:
Hummus(all different kinds) and pita chips, pretzel chips, pita bread, veggies.
Veggies(I cut up celery, carrots and sometimes radishes every week and portion them out for the week, saves time during the hectic week)
Dried fruit
I try and make my life easier during the week by preparing as much as possible on the weekend that way it's all ready to go, it's like a healthy convenience store in my house!

Cheers and happy eating!

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