Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Menu for the week. 1/15/12-1/21/12

Every week I write up a menu for the following week as well as a shopping list of all the items I will need for that week. I generally shop at Sunflower Market, Trader Joe's and sometimes Whole Foods. I also check out Farmer's Markets when time permits and the 17th Street Farmers Market. Every Tuesday we get our CSA basket as well.

Sunday January 15th
Mexican Lime Soup
Blue corn tortilla chips, avocado and tomatoes were served to taste

Monday January 16th:
Red beans over quinoa with Kale
I also made a large salad to last the week for snacks and sides

Tuesday January 17th:
Udon noodles with shiitake and button mushrooms
I will make a side of green beans sauteed in veg broth with garlic

Wednesday January 18th:(we have BK(Bonus Kid) so I have to get creative) :)
Tofu Steak with mushrooms and mashed potatoes. Salad as a side. If BK hates it, we have backups for him. Hopefully he'll give it a try though. He does like tofu, sometimes.

Thursday January 19th: (we have BK tonight)
Sloppy Sam's(that's the recipe I found, too funny) made with lentils.
Sides will be tater tots and sweet potato fries. Salad tonight as well, or something from the CSA basket.

Friday January 20th: (this is no cook Friday)
We will eat whatever leftovers, either in the fridge or things I've put in the freezer for dinner. Yum!

Saturday January 21st: (Sam and BK will be headed to Phx for a soccer game)
I will munch on leftovers again. Why cook? Leftovers, a glass of wine, and a chick flick. Sounds devine!

Cheers and happy eating!

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