Monday, January 2, 2012

Transition time!

So, I'm starting a few new things, a non-animal product eating arrangement and blogging. Here goes nothing, I guess. I never would have thought I would stop eating animal products especially because I have a loving love affair with bacon but things changed after the birth of my daughter 9 1/2 months ago. My husband, Sam and I discovered that J would end up in a lot of pain after I would eat dairy and then nurse her. I couldn't bear to have her in pain so I stopped eating dairy. Boy did that work wonders! I'm still dairy free and she's still a happy clam. I didn't find it to be too difficult to give up dairy seeing as years ago I decided to give up processed foods because I had incredibly horrible migraines. Transitioning was just that, a transition, a change. Now it's time for another transition, one I think may be a bit more of a challenge. Sam and I watched Forks over Knives over Christmas break and it was awe inspiring! My husband said it first, we should start a whole food, plant based diet. I totally agreed!!

Jump to today. We are in the transition phase, this means we are getting rid of all the meat in our freezer. I certainly don't want to toss it all out so we are eating it all up, heading to the finale of meat! Today was rough, I made the last 5 slices of bacon to add to my chili. A chili that took forever for me to perfect and damn is it good!! But, it has 3 different kinds of meat so it's got to go. I will need to perfect another chili, void of meat. We are probably about a week out and meat will be gone. I'm excited and scared at the same time. I never had an issue with meat until I watched that movie! According to the World Health Organization dietary factors account for 30% of all cancers in the Western world. Animal products making up only 20% of the diet raises your risk of cancer significantly while keeping it under 5% can keep you cancer free. For more stats please watch Forks over Knives!!

My point for this blog is to share my thoughts, feelings about the daily struggles or ease of eating whole and animal free. I want to share great recipes that I find and welcome any good ones from others.

Here's to good health for the family!

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