Thursday, January 5, 2012

Daytime TV, commercials...ugh!

As my 9 month old blissfully naps I decided to sit down and watch something on the TV, why not, right? I decide on a show on the OWN network called Supersized vs Superskinny. Now, I'm not so sure what the premise of this show is, mostly because it lost my interest within a few minutes. I do know a woman who eats lot's of bad food thought hypnosis may help her curb her bad habits. I guess for me curbing my bad habits is based on my arteries and what they deal with every day. The fact that to live for the kiddos I need to stay healthy and if I want them to have a happy healthy life what better way to do so then to show them. Okay, so my bonus kid is a little harder because at 13 he is not interested in healthy eating. He wants burgers and pizza. Last night I made a quinoa side dish with brown rice, brocolli, black beans, lemon juice and various seasonings. It was actually quite good, the hubby and the 9 month old loved it. My bonus kid, however, took the smallest bite he could and said he didn't like it. It's new, it looks different, but I wonder if he hadn't made up his mind prior to trying it if he would actually like it. But, back to this TV show I was watching. The part that really bothered me was the commercials. The first one was a mom walking seemingly running errands when she gets a call from her son and his friend. They are "dying" they say, she says no, they are just hungry. She suggests Totinos Pizza Rolls. How is that at all healthy?? Why would such an unhealthy commercial run along with a show where a woman finds hypnosis to help her curb her bad habits? Makes no sense to me. In our house we have fruits, veggies, hummus, pretzel crackers, popcorn, and other items that the teenager could eat that doesn't have a ton of preservatives and MSG to load his brain with. But, maybe he hates eating here? It's possible but he does it. He eats what we have so that's something, right? I just hope I can find more that he will actually try, bigger than the smallest bite in the world.

Well, I think I'm going to remove myself from the couch and make the black bean burgers that will be dinner this evening. No more "healthy" TV shows with horribly unhealthy commercials. It's time to get some actual good food cooking around here! Mmmm!


  1. Hi, Try this. Joe must try an item with his eyes closed. Sidney liked more things when she had no idea what they looked like or what was in them. Getting that trust took.....Um still not all the way there! Alan

  2. Thanks, Alan I'll have to give that a try. We made him a regular burger but asked that he try the black bean burger, he took the smallest bite possible and then drank a bunch of water like it was the worst thing in the world. He does or used to like black beans so I'm not sure what the problem was. Oh well, he ate most of his dinner tonight which is a slight improvement. :)

  3. Mmmm...Totinos pizza. I think my arteries just hardened a little just thinking about it! Daytime TV is crap and so are all those processed food commercials. ~Jen