Sunday, January 8, 2012

I think the body is adjusting

For a few days I've been feeling like it's nearly impossible to get that full feeling. You know that take out the turkey pants feeling? I was worried veggies would not ever give me that feeling but I've noticed if I just eat snacks, just like I've always done but for some reason forgot, then I'm just fine. Hummus, pita, pita chips, veggies, almonds, it's all good and it all helps tremendously.

I was asked how many energy level was with all the changes. I do believe it's increased. Yesterday I ran errands, organized, cleaned, laundry, went to a hair appt and when all that was said and done I went out dancing. I haven't had the energy for that in a LONG time. Today we decided to relax but still have some items to accomplish which we did with full energy. I love this feeling!

Now for a more sensitive area. I had an issue with flatulence at the beginning. Man, I was a farting machine! But, all better now, lucky for my co-workers tomorrow. I really think I'm starting to adjust and it feels good. I know others are doing the same lifestyle change, if you experience any oddities comment, I'd like to share and be able to support as others have supported me.

Here's to really good health and no gas!

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